LP Equities, LLC

​Beyond the financial reasons for using LP Equities, there are many additional benefits that will save you from much frustration and anxiety typically associated with selling your home. This may include, hiring an effective Realtor, creating a persuasive listing, preparing for open houses, negotiating with buyers, hiring contractors, waiting for offers and hoping the buyer will perform and close on time. 

When you sell to LP Equities, we eliminate all of that stress by sending out a knowledgeable representative who is there to streamline the entire process. We will do a complete inspection and appraisal of your home and make you a cash offer in 24 hours. If you accept our offer, we will take care of all the rest. Simply pack up your belongings, leave behind anything you no longer want and close the door. It couldn't be easier!

LP Equities Home Sale
Offer Price                         $360

Inspection Item Repairs
Escrow & Title Fees
Seller's Closing Costs
Buyer's Closing Costs
Net Price                           $360
*Relocation Assistance up to $10,000

Traditional Home Sale
List Price                          $400
6% Realtor Commission    -$24

 *Inspection Item Repairs   -$13

Escrow & Title Fees            -$5
Seller's Closing Costs          -$4
*Buyer's Closing Costs       -$12
Net Price                           $342 
*These costs are affected by current market conditions and negotiations between you and the buyer, and may not always be included. 

There are numerous reasons why selling your home through LP Equities  may be better for you. We make the process quick and easy, while getting you the most for your property given its present condition. In fact, once you add up all of your costs when you sell your home through traditional channels using a Realtor, you may find that LP Equities can actually put more cash in your pocket. The example below assumes a home for sale that is listed for $400,000 and receives a full price offer. Although our offer on this house was 10% below asking price, the owner came out 5% ahead!